Pedro Ferro: Leading Entrepreneur in Cyprus

Pedro Ferro, a visionary entrepreneur and the driving force behind numerous successful startups in Cyprus, has significantly impacted the business landscape with his innovative ideas and strategic leadership. The newest project founded by Pedro is Create Studio Cyprus’s number 1 Startup & Brand Creators. From pioneering courier services to fostering impactful social initiatives, Pedro’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to his commitment to innovation, resilience, and making a positive difference.

his image captures the dynamic spirit of startup success in Cyprus, exemplified by Pedro Ferro's visionary leadership. As a driving force behind numerous entrepreneurial endeavors, Pedro continues to shape the future of startups in Cyprus and beyond.

Pedro's Interview with Investor

Interviewer: Pedro, you’ve had quite a diverse and impressive journey, from being a financial advisor at DeVere Dubai to founding multiple startups. Can you share a pivotal moment that led you to transition from financial advisory to becoming a full-fledged entrepreneur?

Pedro Ferro: Absolutely. My time at DeVere Dubai was instrumental in shaping my understanding of market dynamics and financial management. However, the pivotal moment came when I realized I wanted to create solutions that directly addressed real-world problems. This realization drove me to start my own ventures and focus on making a tangible impact through innovation.

Interviewer: You’ve led several successful projects, including Box Heroes and MySyria. Can you describe a major challenge you faced in one of your early ventures and how you overcame it?

Pedro Ferro: One of the major challenges I faced was during the launch of Box Heroes. Coordinating logistics and building a reliable network for courier services was daunting. However, by assembling a talented team and leveraging technology, we managed to streamline operations and create a robust platform that has since revolutionized courier services in multiple countries.

Interviewer: Let’s talk about your latest venture, Create. What inspired you to start Create, and what are its main objectives?

Pedro Ferro: Create was born out of a desire to foster a dynamic environment where startups can thrive. Our main objective is to provide comprehensive support to budding entrepreneurs, from initial concept development to market launch. By offering resources, mentorship, and strategic guidance, Create aims to turn visionary ideas into successful businesses.

Interviewer: How has Create contributed to the development of Insured.Direct?

Pedro Ferro: Create played a crucial role in the development of Insured.Direct by providing the necessary infrastructure and expertise. We helped streamline the business model, ensuring that Insured.Direct offers reliable and tailored insurance solutions to meet diverse needs. Our support has enabled Insured.Direct to become a trusted name in the insurance industry in Cyprus.

Interviewer: Can you tell us more about Vision Studios and how it complements your other ventures?

Pedro Ferro: Vision Studios is our content creation arm, dedicated to producing high-quality visual content. It complements our other ventures by helping them enhance their brand presence and engage with their audience effectively. From promotional videos to social media campaigns, Vision Studios leverages cutting-edge technology and creative storytelling to elevate the impact of our businesses.

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Pedro Ferro’s approach to building Startups

What has Pedro told us about building startups. What are the keypoints to a successful startup. Combination of strategic vision, market insight, and hands-on execution. Here’s how he goes about it:

  • Identifying Opportunities: Pedro meticulously identifies market gaps, emerging trends, and unmet consumer needs. He conducts thorough research to pinpoint potential opportunities that align with his expertise and interests.

  • Innovative Concept Development: Once Pedro identifies a promising opportunity, he focuses on developing innovative concepts that address specific pain points or challenges. He leverages his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to conceive unique solutions with the potential for disruptive impact.

  • Strategic Planning: Pedro devises a comprehensive strategy to bring his startup ideas to fruition. This involves outlining clear goals, defining target markets, analyzing competitors, and mapping out a roadmap for success. He formulates actionable plans that encompass all aspects of startup development, from product design to marketing and scalability.

  • Building a Talented Team: Recognizing the importance of collaboration and expertise, Pedro assembles a team of skilled professionals who share his passion and vision. He prioritizes diversity, innovation, and a collaborative culture within his startup teams, fostering an environment conducive to creativity and growth.

  • Execution and Iteration: Pedro believes in the power of execution and iteration. He takes decisive action to execute his startup plans, constantly monitoring progress, gathering feedback, and making necessary adjustments along the way. He embraces a culture of continuous improvement, viewing setbacks as learning opportunities and pivoting when needed.

  • Networking and Partnerships: Pedro actively cultivates relationships with industry peers, mentors, investors, and strategic partners. He leverages his extensive network to gain insights, access resources, and forge mutually beneficial collaborations that accelerate the growth of his startups.

  • Focus on Value Creation: Throughout the startup building process, Pedro remains focused on creating value for customers, stakeholders, and the community at large. He prioritizes delivering exceptional products or services that address real-world needs, drive positive outcomes, and foster long-term relationships with customers.

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Pedro Ferro, a prominent figure in the startup ecosystem of Cyprus, is pictured here. As the CEO and Founder of multiple successful ventures, Pedro embodies innovation and entrepreneurship in Cyprus's business landscape.


Pedro Ferro’s entrepreneurial journey exemplifies vision, resilience, and innovation. His strategic approach and commitment to execution have led to successful ventures, leaving a profound impact on Cyprus’s startup landscape. Pedro’s emphasis on customer-centricity and collaboration underscores the importance of solving real-world problems and fostering partnerships. As he continues to pioneer new ventures, Pedro’s legacy as a visionary leader continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

“As an entrepreneur, I believe in pushing boundaries and creating opportunities where others see challenges. That’s the essence of innovation.”Pedro Ferro


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