Exclusive Finance Talk: Pedro of Create Meets Jeremy of JW Private Wealth at Reflect Fest Cyprus

Amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Reflect Festival in Cyprus, Pedro, the CEO and founder of Create, engages in an insightful conversation with Jeremy, the founder of JW Private Wealth. Together, they delve into the world of investments, offering valuable insights and perspectives for both seasoned investors and newcomers alike.

Pedro: Hi Jeremy, can you share any upcoming projects your hedge fund has planned in the near future?

Jeremy: Yes, absolutely. We’re gearing up to launch a new fund in about 90 days. We’ve spent the last 18 months backtesting our strategy in traditional markets with our experienced team of traders, and the results have been remarkable. We’ve been consistently achieving returns averaging about 10 to 11% per month.

Pedro: That’s impressive! Could you provide more details on the criteria for investors you typically seek?

Jeremy: Of course. We primarily look for experienced investors who are interested in compounding their capital. Our target investors include small family offices and individuals with a minimum ticket size of 100,000. We want to work with investors who understand the space and are seeking strong returns without the hassle.

Pedro: Given the high returns you’ve mentioned, are these investments considered stable or more volatile?

Jeremy: Traditionally, hedge funds are seen as high risk, but we dedicate significant effort to risk mitigation. Our experienced traders carefully manage positions and leverage, focusing on long-term performance rather than short-term gains. Our approach is rooted in back-tested records spanning at least two years, leveraging our team’s over 10 years of experience.

Pedro: It sounds like your hedge fund offers a unique approach to investing. Can you elaborate on what sets it apart?

Jeremy: Absolutely. Our fund was born out of a need for more liquid investment options. Unlike traditional venture funding with lengthy lock-up periods, we offer a softer lock-up of 12 months with quarterly withdrawals. Our goal is to deliver consistent, compounding returns over time, providing investors with stability and flexibility.

Pedro: For individuals considering investment, what advice would you offer?

Jeremy: I’d advise potential investors to conduct thorough research and seek out opportunities that align with their goals. We value educated investors who understand the risks and rewards of investing. Building long-term relationships based on trust and shared objectives is key to our approach.

Pedro: How can interested investors reach out to your hedge fund?

Jeremy: The best way to connect with us is through our website or via my LinkedIn profile. We’re committed to personally engaging with new investors to ensure they’re the right fit for our fund. Transparency and clear communication are fundamental to building successful, long-term partnerships.

Pedro: Thank you, Jeremy, for sharing your insights today. We’ll include your contact details for anyone interested in learning more.

Dialogue Between Create and JW Private Wealth Founders

Redefining Investment Opportunities

Wrapping up the conversation with Jeremy reveals JW Private Wealth’s potential to redefine investment opportunities within the hedge fund realm. Their emphasis on stability, liquidity, and long-term growth distinguishes them in an industry often associated with high risk and volatility. As they prepare to introduce their new fund, investors have the chance to align their financial objectives with a forward-thinking approach that prioritizes both returns and investor satisfaction. With a commitment to excellence and personalized engagement, JW Private Wealth emerges as a promising option for those navigating the complexities of modern investing with confidence and clarity.


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